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Bank and currency

The common currency is Renminbi. It is very convenient to exchange currencies in Chengdu. You may go to major banks for exchange according to the regulations. You may go to the bank between 9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday for services. On weekends, please call (95566 for Bank of China; 95588 for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; 95533 for China Construction Bank; 95555 for China Merchants Bank and 95595 for China Everbright Bank).

All ATM machines of major banks are nationally interconnected, you may directly conduct remote queries, deposits, withdrawals and other services.

International time differences

Chengdu takes Beijing time as the standard time. Time differences with major regions: Japan +1, Singapore 0, Philippines 0, Thailand -1, Germany -1, the United Kingdom -8, the United States - 13, Canada - 13.


IC and IP telephone cards can be used in phone booths marked with China Telecom. You can by telephone cards in all major telecommunications offices and newsstands as well as some snack bars.

Phone booths marked with International are designed for international long distance calls.

For public telephones marked with Public telephone, please pay according to the amount displayed on the meter.

Postal service

Post offices in Chengdu are marked with dark green. The normal business hours of post offices are 9:00 am to 18: 00 p.m.

Public Toilets

You can find public toilets in almost every street of Chengdu. The general charge of a public toilet is RMB0.2 to 0.5 / person.

List of commonly used phone numbers

International dialing code of China


Dialing code of Chengdu


Chengdu travel inquiry & complaint hotline


Police alarm


Fire alarm


Medical first-aid


Weather forecast


Directory inquiries


Traffic accident alarm


Railway service


Consumer Complaints


Chengdu Bus Service Center


Shuangliu International Airport Information


Chengdu Tourism portal Website


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