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72-hour Visa-Free Transit Tourist Brochure--Festival Activities

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Chengdu Lantern Festival

The following major activities are held in Tazishan Park of Chengdu around the Spring Festival annually: various lanterns placed in the landscaped gardens are grouped according to different themes or story contents, enhancing each other's beauty in the upper and lower directions. You can enjoy the all-direction sparkling, gorgeous and dazzling color lantern world.

Chengdu Great Temple FairThe Fair is held in Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum around the Spring Festival annually. The main activities are: presentation of traditional art performances relying on the culture of three kingdoms and the folk culture.

Huanglongxi Fire Dragon Festival

Every year, from the second day to the fifteenth day of the first month of Chinese lunar calendar, the following activities are held in the Huanglongxi Ancient Town of Chengdu: lighting a fire dragon, color dragon performance, Southern Lion Dance, floating lanterns and lighting the Kongming lanterns, etc.

Chengdu International Peach Blossom Festival of China

In the middle and last ten days of every March, the opening ceremony of large-scale theatrical performances, one-million flower exhibition in Longquan, international fair for investment promotion and capital introduction, fire dragon festival other colorful events are held in the Longquanyi District of Chengdu.

Dujiangyan Qingming Drainage Festival

In every Lunar Tomb-Sweeping Day, vaudeville, antique worship, temple visits and other activities will be held in Dujiangyan scenic spot of Chengdu.

International Food & Tour Festival of China

The Festival is held in “Yipingtianxia” tour & food street of Chengdu in every October. Its main activities are: collection of Chinese and foreign cuisines, and inheritance of Sichuan cuisine culture.

South Ice-Snow Festival

The following activities are held in Xiling Snow Mountain, which is located in Dayi County of Chengdu, annually from the end of December to the next March: snowmobiling, snow tubing, snow gliding and s-shaped skibobing, etc.

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