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Qingyang District

Qingyang District

An Overview to Qingyang District

Located at central Chengdu city, Qingyang district is the political, economic and cultural center of the city as well as the CBD and the prioritized area to develop service industry. Covering an area of 66 square kilometers and governing 14 street committees, it has a total registered household population of 601,000 and a permanent population of 835,000.

Basic Economic Data of Qingyang District

1.In 2012, the gross regional national domestic product of Qingyang district reaches RMB 68.871 billion, an increase of 10.6% over that of the previous year.

2.Financial Ecological District in China

Top 10 Districts for Modern Service Industry Development Competence in China

The 4th Batch of National-Level Cultural Industry Demonstration Park

National Demonstration Base of Technological Result Conversion

Demonstration Unit for Tourism Standardization in Sichuan Province

Five New Strategies of Qingyang District

New Sample of Livable City

New Engine of Industrial Upgrading

New Paradigm of Society Construction

New Model of Cultural Capital

New Highland of Opening-up and Cooperation

FAdvantageous Resources of Qingyang District

A Livable Center

Qingyang district is located in the ecological water resource control area in west Sichuan plain. Located in a superior position in the city, Qiangyang district is the region with most park areas, highest greening rate and largest river areas in Chengdu. It has 6 large parks and over 10 kilometers of ecological belt and river-way green land.

Cultural & Expo Tourist Service Center

Qingyang district boasts rich tourism resources, including Jinsha Relics Museum, Dufu's Thatched Cottage, Green Goat Monastery, Wenshu Temple and Wide & Narrow Alleyways. The total amount of tourism resources in this district accounts for two thirds of the whole city.

Road Networks

With dense road networks, the district forms 3 vertical and 7 horizontal road formats: Riyue Avenue, Guanghua Avenue, Qingyang Avenue, the 1st ring road, the 2nd ring road, the 3rd ring road, and the around-city highway. It is extremely convenient to reach Shuangliu International Airport from the district.

Metro Network

Judging from current Metro planning in Chengdu, the Metro lines are quite densely distributed and have multiple stations in Qingyang district. 6 among 9 planned metro lines (No.1, No.2, No.4, No.5, No.7 and No.9) pass Qingyang district and form a network of 2 horizontal lines and 4 vertical lines. 9 Metro lines have set up 20 stations in the district, whose Metro density ranks at the top of central districts. At present, Metro Lines 1 and 2 are in operation.


Qingyang district has advantageous educational resources, gathering various famous universities and schools. Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Shishi Middle School, Shude Middle School, Chengdu Experimental Primary School and Paotongshu Primary School are all located in Qingyang district. 14 International educational institutions including Eastern Townships School Board and EtonHouse International Education Group of Singapore have also set up branches in this district.

Public Health

Qingyang district is the only district in the country which has won China Health Knowledge Dissemination Contribution Award for two consecutive years. There are 357 public health institutions in the district including Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and Chengdu No.3 People's Hospital. Every community in the district is equipped with a public health service station.


The major cultural houses like Sichuan Library, Sichuan Arts Museum and Sichuan Museum are located in Qingyang district; and venues for the five major religions of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam and Catholicism have also been established in this district.

Qingyang district has organized the major cultural and festival activities of international significance including Chengdu International Panda Festival, the 5th China Art Festival, Chengdu International Taoism Cultural Festival, Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival, Chengdu Poet-sage Cultural Festival and International Puppet Festival. Qingyang district is also the fixed place for holding other international festivals like Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival and Chengdu International Communications Festival.

Science & Technology

Qingyang district ranks No.1 for its public service satisfaction level in technology and science popularization

Relying on Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation, an affiliation of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, this district has established a hi-tech aviation industry park and a mould industry park.


Qingyang district is strengthening the construction of talent service center and proactively introducing the world renowned suppliers of comprehensive HR solutions in order to raise the talent service capabilities in the district and ensure talent supply in enterprises.

Headquarter Parks

The planned area for Qingyang industrial concentration development zone is 2.99 square kilometers, divided into east and west zones by the airport. The east zone focuses on developing headquarter bases, aviation products and precision processing industry, while the west zone highlights the manufacturing of moulds and relevant enterprises and forms the base of mould industry.


Relying on the industrial headquarter base, the district builds a service outsourcing industrial park. It has brought in a number of service outsourcing enterprises like VIRTUOS, Lifang Tech and Chinese Herbal Medicine Network Company. In 2012, its completion of tasks regarding offshore insourcing contracts and offshore insourcing execution ranked 2nd in Chengdu.


The number, added-value and proportion of financial institutions of the district rank No.1 among all districts in Chengdu. Citibank, UOB, BEA and Nanyang Commercial Bank have entered Qingyang district.

Government Affairs Service

To further facilitate the public, the Qingyang Government Affairs Service Center is adjacent to Sichuan Provincial Government Affairs Service Center and Chengdu Municipal Government Affairs Service Center. With a sound government affairs environment, Qingyang district provides convenient services for the public.

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