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Gaoxin District


Chengdu Hi-tech Zone was 1 of the 1st State Level Hi-tech Zones, and Confirmed by ministry of science and technology as 1 of China’s 1st pilot zones for making world class hi-tech park, and Approved by the organization department of central committee of CPC as innovation and business starting base for oversea hi-level talents. Ranked NO.4 among all 114 national level hi-tech parks, it is 1 of the most influential hi-tech parks in China. In 2013, Chengdu hi-tech zone realized a total income of technology, industry and trade more than 480bn RMB, industrial added value from concentrated construction area more than 100bn RMB, total financial income more than 30bn RMB (among which local public financial income more than 10bn RMB), total amount of import and export in CDHT integrated bonded zone 23.9bn USD, ranks the 3rd in China, 1st in mid-western China. CDHT consists of the South Park and West Park, with a total planned area of 130 km2. Chengdu hi-tech zone mainly develops 5 major industries, namely new generation of information technology, Hi-end equipment manufacturing, Biology, energy saving and environment protection, service industry for production. With more than 120 world famous companies and fortune 500 companies like Intel, TI, GE, etc. 20% of computers in the world are made here, 50% of laptop chips are assembled and tested here, 50% of IPAD in the world are made here, many world famous software companies and service outsourcing companies settled in here, known as Silicon Valley in western China.

Holding the principle of developing high technology, realizing industrialization, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone is dedicated to make China’s most active environment for innovation and business starting, forming a whole chain of innovated vehicle system “nursery garden of business + incubator + accelerator + industrial park”, completed a incubation cluster of 28 units from 7 state incubators covering 1.3mn square meters, hosting 3010 companies. And Chengdu hi-tech zone formed a public service system covering public technology, technology transfer, and international cooperation, IPR, etc. With 42 public technology platforms, 40 state level engineering research centers, corporate technology center, key labs, including 8 state level technology transfer centers 11 regional technology transfer centers, 31 IPR service institutes, established Sino-EU technology commerce platform, connecting more than 600 partners and more than 1 million SMEs. And formed a S&T financial service system with multiple access to financing resources and channels, established a S&T financial eco-system of “government subvention + corporate financing + equity financing + listing financing”, has attracted 53 financial service institutes to settle in, 315 financial institutes of all kinds, helping more than 2500 companies receiving credit loan of 10.3bn RMB. Established government guiding equity investment fund cluster, helping 120 companies in the park receiving equity investment of 4.5bn RMB, nurtured 23 listed companies. And a policy system encouraging SMEs is forming. Now CDHT is trying to be listed as national pilot zone for patent application, could be the 1st in western China. By then piority will be given to equity encouragement, S&T innovation, S&T achievement management, and yield rate management. Sichuan provincial government and CDHT government issued a series of policies to encourage patent innovation and to support S&T innovation for further industrial expansion, a policy system with comparative advantage is forming. Chengdu hi-tech zone has a living environment suitable for all kinds of talents, with 1st class international community, qualified international education resources, building high level foreign language schools, bilingual schools, and kindergartens, building more than 20,000 units of youth apartments.

In 2013, Chengdu hi-tech zone decided to take further expansion of industries, making strategy to build a world class industrial park, positioned the gathering place of hi-level talents as 1 of 5 dedicated areas. Currently, CDHT hosts a population of talents up to 250,000, with more than 1000 person of hi-level for innovation and business start, Among them, 53 are listed in China’s 1000 talents plan, taking 54% in Chengdu, 37% in Sichuan; 132 are listed in Sichuan’s 1000 talents plan, taking 44% in Chengdu, 40% in Sichuan; Chengdu hi-tech zone has 9 top teams in Sichuan, taking 60% in Chengdu; 7 top teams in Chengdu, taking 70% in Chengdu, the population and quality leading mid-western China.

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