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Xindu District

Xindu District

Long known as “Pearl of Chengdu ”and “Fragrant City& Treasure Place”,the District of Xindu,a core territory with the most development potential in Chengdu Plain economic circle in the west of China,is a functional zone for cultural and industrial activities in the Chengdu economic circle and one of 8 new satellite towns of Chengdu.The District covers an area of 497square kilometers and has a permanent population of 785600 in 10 towns and 3 sub-districts.With new tasks and new requirements made on the 18 CPC National Congress,Xindu insists on the compliance of scientific development as the basic with reform and openness as the fundamental power,acceleration of development as the first task ,comprehensively and thoroughly implements the “three development strategies” of the provincial Party committee and “five city booming strategies” of the municipal Party Committee,putting effors on the construction of”Xindu characterized by openness,powerfulness,creation,efficient govemance,services and happiness” and running at the front of the full construction of an affluent society.

Great Location and Accessibility:Located in the middle part of the Western Sichuan Plain,the District is the transportation hub in the north of the City,with easy access to Chengdu East Station(20km),Shuangliu Irnational Airport(50km),subways(lines1.3&5 under planning),Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Inter-city Railway(which passes through the District),and multiple highways(north-south ones:Cchengdu-Mianyang Expressway,Chengdu-Deyang Avenue,Chuanshang Road,Shulong Road,Chengdu-Qingchengshan Fast Track,and Chengdu-Mianyang Line2;east-west ones:the first and second beltways of the City)

Historic and Cultural Heritage:According to historical records available,the history of this town can be traced back to about 2880years ago and was one of 3major capitals in ancient Shu.Well-known local heritage sites and attractions include the Baoguang Monastery and Sheng’an-Guihu Lake;the world-famous Performing Figurine was unearthed from here.Many natives made name for themselves in ancient or modern times ,such as,YangSheng’an,Wu Yu,Wang Mingzhang and Ai Wu etc.

Beautiful Landscapes and Livable Town :The District has three ecological zones,namely,”City Ecotopes”,Pihe River and Qingbai River eco zones;and has valuable ecological assets,including the Mulan Mountains,Wulong Mountains,Nibatuo Bay,Baihe Island, and Asian Black Bear Protection Area.Hence,the District,filled with sweet-scented osmanthuses,is officially recognized as one of national ecotopes, best-landscaped parts and environmentally-friendly towns of the Province of Sichuan.

Vibrant Economy,Prosperous People: the well arrangement of 9functional zones including the North New City Modern Trade Comprehensive Functional Zone and Xindu Industrial District have brought prosperous development to pillar industries such as modern trade,modern logistics,business services andbusiness vehicles,energy equipment,fumiture manufacture,medical food,building installation,Xindu has been awarded one of the”Top 10 Counties”of Sichuan Province by comprehensive economic strength since 1994,and Top 5 private economies of Sichuan Province by comprehensive economic strength from 2007 till now.

Competitive Edge in Science and Education,Efficient Government and Open-minded Community:the inheritance and innovation of historical culture,collision and combination of modern civilization,exploration and practiccof scientific development have endowed Xindu with the new city spirits of etiquette and civilization, openness and democracy,practice and innovation.This District,a National Advanced County for Culture,a National Advanced County for Science and Technology and one of the important source lands of grass-root democratic construction,is pound of 3 colleges and universities(Southwest Petroleum University,Sichuan Conservatory of Music, and Chengdu Medical College),several advanced training agencies (e.g.Nordic International Business School and ChianLife Research and Training Center),and a couple of CAE(Chinese Acadmey of Engineering)members (Luo Pingya and Zhou Shouwei)lovated or working here .The District is also a birthplace for local-level democracy development.

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