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Shuangliu County

Shuangliu County

Shuangliu located in the hinterland of the Chengdu Plain and the core area of National Grade New Zone--Tianfu New Area. Covering a land of 466 kilometers, Chengdu Tianfu New Area Chengdu Direct Supervision Zone was founded in 2013, which administers 12 towns and streets with a population of 500 thousand. There are 8 towns and streets which cover an area of 318 kilometers in the Chengdu Direct Supervision Zone are belonged to the Tianfu New Area’s planning.

In recent years, Shuangliu Government thoroughly carries out the spirit of the18th CPC National Congress, the 3rd and 4th plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the 3rd and 4th Conference of the 10th Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the 3rd plenary session of the12th Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, seizes the strategic disposition of the 3 Major Development Strategies and the 2 Leaping Development raised by Sichuan Provincial Party committee, follows the deployment of building a western economic growth pole and a international modern metropolis raised by Chengdu Municipal Government. Shuangliu spares no effort in maintaining the county’s stable and sound economic growth. Shuangliu ranks the 1st for 18 consecutive years among the Best 10 Counties in Sichuan in terms of comprehensive economic strength. The economic competence of Shuangliu ranks the 15th among the Best 100 Counties in China. From 2010-2013, Shuangliu was awarded as one of the National Top 10 Overall Well-Off Demonstration Counties. In 2012, Shuangliu was selected as one of the Top 10 Happiest Cities.

Shuangliu—a city of profound history and culture

Shuangliu is the oldest county in Sichuan with a history of 2300 years since Qin and Han Dynasty. It was called Guangdu until Sui Dynasty. The county was renamed as Shuangliu to avoid the naming taboo of the emperor. The word “Shuangliu” is also originated from the poem Shudufu written by Zuo Si. Shuanliu is the birth place of the farming culture of ancient Shu Kingdom. One progenitor Can Cong built a town in Mount Muma of Shuangliu and stated to teach people to farm, and then the splendid agriculture civilization was created. Shuangliu was a military and culture hub of Shu Kingdom, in Spring and Autumn period,one disciple of Confucius Shang Qu set up a school to teach knowledge of the Book of Change. In the Three Kingdom Period, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang stationed troops in Mount Muma, In Tang and Song Dynasty, famous poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Lu You visited here and left their unforgettable poems. Shuangliu is famous for its tourism attractions and historic relics including the Eight Sceneries of Guangdu, such as the Yingtian Temple and Yongzuo Temple. There are also other tourist spots such as the Sichuan Culture Relic Protection Sit Jinhua Temple, Sanxianyamen, the national grade 4A tourist area, National Historical and Cultural Town, the Most Beautiful Town in Environment of China, the Hometown of Fire Dragon and the National Tourism Demonstration Plot—Huanglongxi. Everywhere in Shuangliu is loaded with ancient rhyme of history and civilization.

Shuangliu—a dynamic city

In recent years, Shuangliu has done a great job in industry transformation and implementing the strategy of Industry Multiplication, formed a development orientation of giving priority to modern manufacturing industry and high end service industry. Shuangliu sticks to the strategy of high-end, innovation-driven, diversified development and to build the city by promoting development of industry. Shuangliu is working to develop high-end industry, electronic information industry, cultivates the 3 leading industry namely the new energy industry, bio-industry and high end equipment manufacturing, establishes guiding industrial system, constructs high end service industry such as aviation hub service, aviation logistic, trade, bonded logistic, bonded financial lease and commercial fairs, develops modern agriculture featuring Collectivization, high-end and brand oriented. Shuangliu’s economy and industry development now are in good situation and the city has completed a modern industrial system featuring high and new technology industry, modem manufacturing industry, aviation economy and modern agriculture.

Shuangliu—a city of superior investment environment

The infrastructure of Shuangliu is complete. The 4th largest airport in China, Shuangliu International Airport is located in the city. Chengdu-Kunming Railway, Chengdu- Ya’an Expressway and Chengdu-Zigong-Luzhou Expressway crosses the county. Shuangliu has more than 10 arterial streets connecting the main urban area of Chengdu. Six metro lines including Metro line 3, 5 reach Shuangliu. The postal service, supply of natural gas, water and power is sufficient and convenient. Shuangliu’s human resource advantage is prominent. There are more than 30 scientific research institutions such as Chengdu Photoelectric Technology Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7 universities including Sichuan University. Shuangliu has signed strategic cooperation agreement with colleges and universities including City University of Hong Kong, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan University, Chengdu College of Information Engineering and Southwest Jiaotong University to build a technological innovation park of Tianfu New Area. Shuangliu’s human resource and education and research development are at the top of central and western china. Moreover, Shuangliu is dedicated to build an efficient governing environment to provide standardized governmental service, just legal environment, well-organized market and honest and trustworthy financial environment to enterprises. Today, Shuangliu is becoming the best land for investment in Chengdu, Sichuan, even in the central and western China.

Shuangliu—a fashionable, eco and livable city

Shuangliu is a national grade Eco County and Garden city. Beautiful Jinjiang River, Jiang’an River and winding Mount Muma compose a beautiful living environment. Shuangliu’s sports and recreational travel industry are flourishing. The world standard International Modern Pentathlon Center, the biggest International Tennis Center top-ranking in Asia and the national top Sports Center and other high-end sports leisure facilities are all located in Shuangliu. The city is also a County of Longevity. The number of elderly people above the age of 100 ranks the top in all districts and cities in Chengdu. Today, Shuangliu has become a renowned eco and livable city in central and western China featuring elements such as modern sports, culture, leisure and fashion.

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