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Wenjiang District

Wenjiang District

4000 years ago King Boguan and King Yufu started the long-standing ancient Shu Civilization right here. Nowadays the modern people are creating flourishing ecological culture at the same place. Global Ecological and Environmental Protection Achievement Award from UN, 2008 Dubai International Best Practices in Improving Living Environment Award, International Garden City, China Charm City, and many other awards went to this city... It is the Golden Wenjiang. In the heart of Chengdu Plain the typical model city in "Land of Abundance" shows an image integrating history and modern times, as well as embodies the rusticity and simplicity of the western Sichuan Plain.

Wenjiang is the cradle of the Kingdom of Yufu in ancient Shu. It gives us a glimpse of the ancient Shu civilization together with Sanxingdui and Jinsha Relics. Covering an area of 277km2, Wenjiang District governs 10 towns (sub-districts) with a population of 584,000 people. It is 16km away from downtown Chengdu, and 18km from Shuangliu International Airport. It is being built into a transportation hub from Chengdu to the western areas. Since the governing system was established here, Wenjiang had been a strategic city for politics, economy and culture in western Sichuan. After the Liberation it was the seat of local Party committee and administrative office. In April 2002 it was reset a district, and thus became one of the nine districts in Chengdu. As the pacemaker among Chengdu's satellite cities, Wenjiang takes the path to develop into a “boutique city”. Modern Service Industry Park, Cross-Strait Science and Technology Industrial Development Park and Ecological Tourism District have been planned and constructed in the city. It sticks to development of top-level industries in groups, speeds up the pace to build a modern industry system where modern services industry, new manufacturing industries and modern urban agriculture develop together. The city is a nationwide pilot spot for comprehensive reform of modern service industry, a national model for recreational agriculture and countryside tourism, as well as a model base for productive service industry in Sichuan Province. Its overall regional economic power has been among the "Top Ten Counties" of the province for consecutive 17 years. In 2013 the total regional output reached CNY 33.55 billion, at an increase of 10.4%; local public finance income CNY 2.851 billion, at an increase of 13.9%; annual per-capita disposable income of urban residents CNY 31,740, at an increase of 10.5%; and the per-capita net income of rural people CNY 15,345, at an increase of 12.6%.

In thousands of years "flooding and drought were harnessed and the people had no knowledge of hunger" in Wenjiang. At a place of harmony Wenjiang is part of "Wenjiang - Pixian - Dujiangyan National Ecological Model District", and the "natural lung" of downtown area. The beautiful city is free of mountains and hills, with distinctive four seasons and abundant rainfall. Jinma River, Yangliu River, Jiang'an River and Qingshui River run across the city. Farmlands and the city are next to each other. Wenjiang is the production area of ornamental plants in western China. 150,000mu of flowers and trees are planted. It is the natural ecological barrier for the downtown area of Chengdu. Guided by the decisions of the 18th National Congress of CPC and following the instructions of "Three Development Strategies" of the provincial Party committee, Wenjiang District government is carrying out the strategy of "strengthen the district through industries, develop the city ecologically, increase the people's income through open policies, and unite the people with culture", to build it into an international city suitable for industries, living and tourism, and to do the best to make it a new happy and beautiful Wenjiang.

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