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Chongzhou City

Chongzhou city (the former Chongqing county) is located in the beautiful and rich western-Sichuan Plain, 25 kilometers west of Chengdu, it is in the center of the Land of Abundance. The whole city covers an area of 1090 square kilometers, among which the plain area accounts for 52% of total area, mountainous area accounts for 43% and hilly region 5%. It has a population of 670,000 and 25 towns are under its jurisdiction.

Its geopolitical establishment started since the ancient Shu kingdom period. 4 of the 6 ‘Chengdu Plain city sites’(the Neolithic Period) including the Shuanghe, Zizhu, Baodun and Mangcheng city sites which have a history of more than 4,300 years are located within ancient Jiangyuan county. All these prove that Chongzhou was the center of anciet Shu kingdom in that time. According to the Record of Huayang Kingdom which was written by Changju, Chongzhou was the former capital of ancient Shu before the king Duyu moved to dominate Pi city. After Qin kingdom conquered Shu kingdom, it started to establish county in Chongzhou, it became county, state, military garrison, governmental place and county jurisdiction successively. It has a long cultural history, the city government headquarter Chongyang town was announced as the provincial level historical and cultural city by Sichuan province on February 2nd, 1991.

Chongzhou has a long history of more than 4300 years, it located in the land of abundance rich area and it is a remarkable place with many historic celebrities which form many human landscapes. The national key cultural relics protection places include Chongzhou Confucius Temple, Luyou Temple, Yanhuachi Park, Shangyuan Shuanghe ancient site, Liaoyuan Zizhu ancient site. The famous historical figures include Changju-the earliest founder of Chinese chorography and writer of the Record of Huayang Kingdom who lived in Jin Dynasty, Tangqiu known as a ‘gourd dipper poet’ who has 35 poems in the Full Collection of Tang Poems, Tang Shenwei, a famous doctor in Song Dynasty who is also the writer of Classified Materia Medica from Historical Classics for Emergency, Yang yuchun the governor general of Shan-Gan area who was hornored as the first class brave and loyal Duke in Qing Dynasty. There were many people with lofty ideals and heroes or heroines in recent modern times for instance, Wang Guoying-the hero in Opium War who fought against the British aggressor, Ren Zhongyuan-the forerunner in the movement of anti Yuan and protect country war, Sun Zepei the hero in the movement of protecting the railway in Sichuan, Long Wen’guang-a pilot of the first plane Lenin of the Red Army, Zhang Luping-known as the red crag heroine and etc.

Chongzhou has the reputation of ‘Tianfu granary’, it is also the national commodity grain base county, lean hogs base county, special loan for grain and cotton county and national comprehensive agricultural development zone. Chongzhou mainly products chuanxiong rhizome and radix curcumae, it is the base county for chuanxiong rhizome. The smoked plum made in Huaiyuan town has been sold as far as Japan. The Loquat tea in Chongzhou has been a tribute thing since Song Dynasty which was known as ‘Longmen gate tribute tea’. The black sweet glutinous rice is called the ‘finest black rice’ which has won the fame both in domestic and overseas. In addition, the bamboo weaving and rattan weaving products in Chongzhou are wildly known to all.

The special geographic condition which combines mountains, hills, plains and rivers creates numerous tourism landscapes such as Jiezi 4A scenic spot, Jiulonggou ravine-the provincial scenic spot, Mt. Jiguanshan-the provincial forest park. The long history of Chongzhou has formed colorful human landscapes which are rare historical site for example, the Yanhuachi Park, Chongzhou Confucius Temple, Luyou Temple and Guangyan Chanyuan monastery.

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