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Dujiangyan City


Located in the northwest of Chengdu, Dujiangyan is 48km away from the city center of Chengdu. It is one of seven satellite cities of Chengdu which are given priority of development. As a tourist site which is closest to Chengdu international airport, it is the most influential world heritage site of Sichuan and the only scenic site and 5A tourist attraction of national level which can be reached by high-speed railway. As the tourist distribution site and the tourist service hub of western Sichuan, Dujiangyan is the back garden of Chengdu and Chongqing.

Covering an area of 1208 km2, Dujiangyan has jurisdiction over 19 towns and 1 economy development zone. With a population of 800 thousand, it is the ecological barrier of the upper reaches of Yangtze River as well as the water conservation place of Chengdu Plain. It also enjoys high-quality tourism resources such as World Cultural Heritage ---Dujiangyan-Mt.Qingcheng and World Natural Heritage---the habitat of giant panda.

Without bitter cold in winter and extreme heat in summer, Dujiangyan enjoys a favorable climate. Here, the annual average temperature is 15.2℃, the average annual rainfall is 1243.80 mm and the average annual duration of sunshine is 1016.9 hours. The forest coverage reaches 59.27%, the green coverage rate is 60.6%, and the negative oxygen ion concentration reaches more than 3000 per cubic centimeter. The air and water quality stands at the national first level all year round, and the average life expectancy is 77.1, 5.7 years higher than the national average level, which wins the name of “Land of Longevity”.

As the travel and leisure satellite city, focusing on the goal of building an international tourist city, Dujiangyan follows the three-step development strategy by implementing the plans of tourist promotion, quality city, industrial transformation and opening-up and cooperation, aiming to build western Sichuan tourist distribution center with the functions of a tourist destination and distribution center, and putting effort into the construction of an important travel and leisure functional zone of Chengdu and even Sichuan. With convenient transportation network, Dujiangyan is 30 minutes’ drive from Chengdu urban area, 50 minutes’ drive from Shuangliu International Airport, and 150 minutes’ drive from Chongqing. The intercity high-speed railway, Chengdu-Dujiangyan expressway and five highways connect Chengdu urban area. The 2nd ring expressway to be put into service and the 3rd ring expressway under construction tightly link 51 cities of Sichuan. Relying on the radiance of Chengdu economic circle with the population of 16 million and the primary location of western Sichuan tourist routes, Dujiangyan has vigorous tourist market with the total annual tourists of over 18 million person-time and outbound tourists of over 670 thousand person-time. The annual increase of tourists reaches 9% and the annual increase of tourist income reaches 8%.

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