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Pujiang County

Spring of Shixiang Lake

Adjacent to Tianfu New Zone, Pujiang County is located at the junction between Chengdu, Meishan and Ya’an city and within the half hour economic circle of Chengdu. It is a strategic point en route to Tibet and Yunnan with convenient transportation. Pujiang County, established backed in 554AD, is both home to Wei Liaoweng, the neo-Confucian in Song Dynasty, and Li Jiayu, a revered solider who fought in the Sino-Japanese War. Pujiang County encompasses an area of 583 km2 and governs eight towns and four villages, with a total population of 265,000. Its forest coverage rate reaches 50.08% while the quality of its surface water is listed at the national level 3 standard and air quality at the national level 2 standard. Pujiang County has been granted several statuses including National Ecological County, National Hygienic County, and National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration County.

The Pujiang government has thoroughly implemented a scientific method of development and firmly centering on the overall strategy of “reform and innovation, transformation and improvement”. Based on the current state of Pujiang county, it has a determined functional orientation of building a green and ecological city according to the strategy of “a new city with three bases”, meaning to create an ecological industrial base, recreation base and organic agricultural base of international standards, as well as a new environmental city that is pleasant to live, to visit and to work. The Pujiang government spares no effort to cultivate local eco-industry, strengthen urban-rural integration, brand Pujiang County as new and harmonious, and accelerate the characteristic development unique to the County.

Through painstaking effort and perseverance, Pujiang County is now well-known as a national demonstration area for quality and safety of export in tea and kiwi fruit. Pujiang Queshe Tea, Pujiang Kiwi and Pujiang Cereal Bar have been named national PGI products, while Pujiang Hybrid Citrus is authenticated as national AGI product. There are nine leading agricultural corporations of national and provincial level in Pujiang and one famous brand of China. More than 90% of the county’s agricultural production have adopted standardized production system, with over 60% authentication rate of pollution-free and green organic product. Constructions of the new towns of Shou’an and Chengya, the launch of Shenpu industrial zone, and creation of China’s second and western China’s first Sino-German cooperative demonstration park for SMEs were launched with strict implementation of the urban-industrial integration and interaction strategy. The layout of “Taicang in the east and Pujiang in the west” is taking shape. Relying on the establishment of a functional eco-tourism area in Longmen Mountain, the recreational tourism in villages will be pushed toward a higher and more international level, while construction of Stone Elephant Lake and the Big Valley Tourist Area has commenced. Pujiang County now has one provincial scenic spot and three AAA-leveled scenic regions, and has preliminary formed a tourism business model of top-class recreation, vacation, relaxation and exploration.

1、Functional orientation: the green and ecological city of Pujiang

2、reputations and honors:

National Ecological County

National Hygienic County

Sichuan Provincial Civilized City

Hometown of Chinese Green Tea

Hometown of Chinese Hybrid Citrus

National Demonstration Area for Quality and Safety of Export Tea and Kiwi Fruit

Chinese Industrial Base of Package Printing

National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Products Processing

National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration County

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