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As the capital of Slovnia, Ljubljana is Slovnia’s political, economic and cultural centre. It is located at the centre of Slovnia, near the Aples; and the surrounding mountains nourishes Ljubljana a pleasant environment. Its annual rainfall is around 1,600millimeters, annual termperature is 9.5℃, and altitude above the sea level is 420 meters.

Both varied-style ancient architectures and modern buildings have their places at Ljubljana, among which the most famous one is the Ljubljana Castle in the centre of the city.

Ljubljana is not only the center of international cooperation in Slovenia and the centre of world trade, but also the research centre for the developing countries’ economy and enterprises.

After the massive introduction of the advanced technologies and equipment from the developed countries from 1960’s to 1970’s, Ljubljana’s industry has been developing at a fast speed. Only after a decade has its industrial products been sold worldwide, especially its micro motors and telecommunication equipment which has gained popularity in the European market.

The agriculture sector of Ljubljana has also been improved greatly. Its fruits, meat products, and diary products are the main exports due to their rich varieties and superior quality.

The development of culture, education, healthcare, and scientific research in Ljubljana are in fast process. It has one university and three technical schools, with more than 30,000 students. In addition, there are more than 40 scientific research units, 26 museums, and 12 arts exhibition halls. Also Ljubljana is the famous healthcare centre in Europe because of its advanced equipment and talent professionals. In 1981, Ljubljana and Chengdu established the sister-city relationship.

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