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As the capital of Yamanashi Prefect.,Japan, Kofu has a long history which can be traced to the middle of Jomon Age. In the warring period of Japan, Takeda Nobutora set up his mansion at this place. Then a city came into being with many years’ renovation and expansion by Takeda Shingen and Takeda Katsuyori. It was named as Kai. In August of the 4th year of Meiji, its name was changed to Yamanashi; and in July of the 22nd year of Meiji (A.D. 1889)it was named Kofu as a city with the combination of the nearby villages.

In the agriculture sector, Kofu is famous for its fruit cultivation and vegetable plantation, especially grape cultivation. It was hornored as the Best Land of Grapes in Japan.

Crystals polishing, processing and carving, as Kofu’s traditional industry, has enjoyed long-term reputation worldwide. The crystal products are sold to the world as top-class arts and crafts.

Kofu is not only one of the few places for processing gems and precious metals around the world, but also a famous distribution centre of gems. Kofu’s industrial enterprises are gathered in a specified industry zone, where 22 enterprises have set up their factories for the production of large-scale integrates circuits computers, machines and electronic parts. Kofu has another name as Commercial City, for its plenty of shops, markets, supermarkets, commercial high-rise buildings and the financial office buildings.

There are 14 senior high schools and 26 junior high schools in Kofu. The University of Yamanashi has a good reputation. Besides, its Art Gallery and Cultural Hall for County People are well-known in Japan. The most important works collected at the hall is Millet’s oil-painting the Sower. In addition, the design of the music architecture of the hall has been highly praised all over the globe. Kofu has many famous scenic spots, such as the Divine Valley, regarded as the Best Valley in Japan, the Kofu City built up by Tokugawa Iyeyasu after the collapse of the Takeda, and The Takeda Ruins over the whole city. In the north part of Kofu, there is a large area of vineyard on the slopes of the hills. When comes summer, there gathered are a lot of tourists. Moreover, the hot springs in Kofu are very popular, thanks to the superior quality of spring water. In September 1984, Kofu and Chengdu established sister-city relationship.

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